• What can Aggregated

    do for you?

    Our team has a great experience in football. We can proudly say that there is no other management

    company that has so much football knowledge within their team.
The exceptional technical knowledge of football within our team enables us to give you all the tools you need, to improve and to reach the best possible quality. Individual meetings with our experts, both off and on the pitch add to the development of your talents.
With a large national and international experience in negotiating football and sponsor contracts, and the necessary knowledge of the law, we provide you with the best possible advice/strategy during contract negotiations, focussing on the best possible deal.
Aggregated can assist you with your Financial affairs and questions. We can also introduce you to our reliable network of Bank-, Mortgage- and Insurance advisors, we have most reliable long term relationships with.
Apart from football related issues, Aggregated can assist and advise you with any other law related issue.
Aggregated can help you optimalising your tax bill. For our players abroad we have an international network of tax experts that can locally assist.
The psychological aspects of the profession are fundamental in the development and stability of any player. Thanks to the great experience both from playing careers as trainers careers, our team has capacity of providing quality mental support. We have also have a network of specialised professionals.

Aggregated also provide you on demand with fysiotherapists and physical trainers, as well as facilities in order to restore or improve your physical fitness.
Players with commercial potential we assist in exploring new business opportunities like sponsor and image deals.